Note/Chord Transposition

Here is a simple spreadsheet for transposing notes and chords from one key to another. Simply enter the number of semitone steps required (+ or -) and the spreadsheet displays the new note or chord. Please use the "Contact Us" page and let me know if you find any unexpected bugs with this?  Enjoy.  

Simple transposition spreadsheet:

Stingray 5HH Bass

Here is a picture of my MusicMan Stingray 5HH:

For a while it appeared that the volume was changing unexpectedly. So I opened it up to trace-out the schematic for the preamp. You can expose the preamp without removing the strings.

The preamp is powered from a 9V battery located at the back of the guitar. For interest I computed the frequency response of the preamp and it does appear to be a well thought-out design. Here are some pictures of the preamp and the schematic.  I have also included some plots of the frequency response computed for the preamp:


Preamp Solder Side View:

Preamp Component Side View:


Frequency Response Controls Centered:

Frequency Response (Bass):

Frequency Response (Middle):

Frequency Response (Treble):

Interesting Observation:

Note that the battery feed is routed via the output jack. With this, power is not supplied to the preamp when the jack is removed. So when you are not using the guitar, remove the jack.